Predictive maintenance platform

Decrease time
to diagnosis

Digitize your service and maintenance manuals, access them and extract information on demand.

Kilsar offers an integrated platform for predictive maintenance

Employees waste thousands of hours every year looking for information scattered across different formats and content repositories.

Now, they can recapture these lost hours — with an AI platform that draws from trusted sources to deliver the right answer, right away.

This is all done through natural language processing, and other proprietary AI which analyzes historical record data and visual data of critical systems.

A national shortage of maintainers results in
multi-billion dollar losses


Legacy knowledge is constantly lost

The legacy knowledge that upholds critical infrastructure like aircraft, oil rigs, and the grid is not currently being captured and shared.

Legacy knowledge is not distributed or accessible

Shortage of skilled laborers


Eliminate knowledge friction to unlock productivity & growth

Kilsar’s solution is able to skill up workforces faster and preserve legacy knowledge by providing a suite of tooling which enable maintainers to accurately diagnose and troubleshoot systems.

Preserve and access legacy knowledge

Unscheduled and unplanned maintenance events

Skill up workforce faster

High value, high consequence


Enabling Joint-Domain Operators.

Kilsar’s platform captures legacy knowledge of your most skilled technicians and enables maintainers to quickly and more accurately diagnose and troubleshoot systems.


Operationalize your workforce

Our platform decreases downtime of your most critical systems, decreases training time of junior technicians, and preserves valuable legacy maintenance knowledge.

Decrease asset downtime

Improve asset maintenance operations and logistics

Improve responsiveness and deployment of your fleet

Reduce number of maintainers needed per asset