Video Teleconferencing & Messaging

For Remote Troubleshooting and Real-Time Communication 

A secure, video teleconferencing (VTC) and group messaging solution enhanced with augmented reality (AR) capabilities.

Communicate with remote specialists or team members 

Secure, private and group messaging for instant and critical information sharing

Provide off-site teams with visuals from the field for more efficient decision making

Minimize skills gap in the workforce

Reduce machine downtime

Person using a futuristic floating Augmented Reality user interface, showcasing advanced technology in action.

Dynamic Object Recognition

Dynamic object recognition capability enables field service technicians to identify, assess and diagnose objects and their subcomponents. 

Troubleshoot equipment maintenance via AI based diagnosis

Easily identify objects using your devices’ front facing camera 

Screenshot & Annotate

Remote experts can improve communication with workers in the field by drawing on-screen annotations or populating digital assets in the user’s field of view. This functionality allows field workers to obtain more accurate instructions and feedback while continuing to complete tasks, resulting in improved operational efficiency. 

A person using a futuristic laptop with a transparent display, showing the integration of technology in daily life.
Soldier utilizing a futuristic floating Augmented Reality user interface during a mission, demonstrating technology's role in modern warfare.


Easily access, search, and use a library of 3D assets. 

Access critical object or system data in real-time

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